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Where Do You Hang a Wall Tentacle?

We think any home decor can be livened up by a wall tentacle. Perhaps you do too, but can’t quite visualize it: behind the lace curtains? In the kitchen cupboard? Above the mantel? To help you envision where a tentacle might perch in your home, we’ve got more great customer pics of the tentacle in situ (thanks, customers!).

Small wall tentacle

Use juxtaposition, an essential element of home decor, and anchor the tentacle near a curtain rod, mantle or bookcase. Continue reading Where Do You Hang a Wall Tentacle?

Tentacle + Home = Great Decor

Nothing says great decor like a an octopus Wall Tentacle. Wondering how an ArtAkimbo tentacle would fit in with your home decor? Where to put it for maximum stupefaction? Here are some customer photos showing just how clever and imaginative tentacle owners are.

The rusty tentacle installed ON a house in the Pacific Northwest. Made of real rust — not faux rust — this version of the tentacle can withstand the forces of nature. I love how it seems to emerge out of the blackness of night.

Rusty Wall Tentacle on House

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New Places to Buy

ArtAkimbo is now selling on its own store!

etsylogoWe’re still selling on Etsy, and have been there since 2009…but branching out, or growing another tentacle you might say.



Around the World with ArtAkimbo

snow 038 copyWe’ve also just updated our list of retail locations, adding stores in New Orleans, Dubai, Singapore, Melbourne and Mykonos.

We’ll have to plan the ArtAkimbo world tour, pop in and offer to help bag a tentacle or box up an eyeglass stand. In the meantime, if you find yourself traipsing over any of these parts of our wonderful globe, stop in and check out these discerning shops and galleries.




Messin’ with Mona

When a masterpiece is needed, who ya gonna call? Mona of course. She’s the go-to cultural icon for a masterpiece, even in the science world.

Beam Me Up Scotty

Known for beaming the mildest of smiles, Mona was laser-beamed into outer space in January of this year.

Unfortunately, she arrived in pieces, or pixels, at a chunk of something called the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. Not to worry: clever programming put her back together again, all except a white vertical stripe (see image on the right). Art Akimbo thinks the scientifically minded Leonardo as well as Humpty Dumpty would be impressed with NASA. Check out NASA’s description to understand how this experiment represents a major leap for laser communication (if not mankind or art).
Left: how the image arrived. Right: clever programming put Mona back together again.

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