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Messin’ with Mona

When a masterpiece is needed, who ya gonna call? Mona of course. She’s the go-to cultural icon for a masterpiece, even in the science world.

Beam Me Up Scotty

Known for beaming the mildest of smiles, Mona was laser-beamed into outer space in January of this year.

Unfortunately, she arrived in pieces, or pixels, at a chunk of something called the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. Not to worry: clever programming put her back together again, all except a white vertical stripe (see image on the right). Art Akimbo thinks the scientifically minded Leonardo as well as Humpty Dumpty would be impressed with NASA. Check out NASA’s description to understand how this experiment represents a major leap for laser communication (if not mankind or art).
Left: how the image arrived. Right: clever programming put Mona back together again.

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