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Wherefore Steampunk?

Ask an octopus what makes him so steampunk and he’ll probably just wave you away with one of his eight arms. Or make like Inky the Octopus and escape.

Long before comic books, anime, video games and Disney movies, there was Victorian science fiction. Jules Verne and HP Lovecraft both plumbed the mysteries of the deep in their tales and chose tentacled creatures to terrify and chill. Lovecraft’s ‘The Call of Cthulhu‘ was published in 1928 in Weird Tales featuring Cthulhu, a mythic creature with an octopoid head.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: the octopus and Captain Nemo
Through a porthole, gladly: Captain Nemo considers the octopus (8 arms, so not a squid) in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea  features a tentacled creature, perhaps a squid, perhaps an octopus (the original French apparently uses the word for octopus).

And now there’s the steampunk universe, which revels in old-fashion Victorian style and retro future tech: goggles and ray guns, bustles and time machines. And, thanks to Verne and Lovecraft, tentacles. While we expand our knowledge of outer space, much of ocean life is still a mystery. The idea of a creature lurking in the depths is still a real possibility, isn’t it?

So yes, the ArtAkimbo tentacle fits in nicely if you’re outfitting a room or your home with steampunk decor.

But don’t take my word for it: you can follow three years or more of discussion on Why the Octopus is Steampunk here.

To see how Steampunk itself is spreading its tentacles, check out this quintessential steampunk band, a charming children’s book about a young girl and her pet Octopus, and my Pinterest board on Steampunk Decor.








Where Do You Hang a Wall Tentacle?

We think any home decor can be livened up by a wall tentacle. Perhaps you do too, but can’t quite visualize it: behind the lace curtains? In the kitchen cupboard? Above the mantel? To help you envision where a tentacle might perch in your home, we’ve got more great customer pics of the tentacle in situ (thanks, customers!).

Small wall tentacle

Use juxtaposition, an essential element of home decor, and anchor the tentacle near a curtain rod, mantle or bookcase. Continue reading Where Do You Hang a Wall Tentacle?

Tentacle + Home = Great Decor

Nothing says great decor like a an octopus Wall Tentacle. Wondering how an ArtAkimbo tentacle would fit in with your home decor? Where to put it for maximum stupefaction? Here are some customer photos showing just how clever and imaginative tentacle owners are.

The rusty tentacle installed ON a house in the Pacific Northwest. Made of real rust — not faux rust — this version of the tentacle can withstand the forces of nature. I love how it seems to emerge out of the blackness of night.

Rusty Wall Tentacle on House

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Customer Photos!

Where do the Tentacles go, ArtAkimbo wonders, when they leave their first home, the ArtAkimbo studio? And whose glasses are perched on the Nose Eyeglass Holder? Luckily, customers send photos from time to time to answer these midnight wonderings. Some recent installations:

New Yorkers in California

Kitchen Wall with Nose Mustache Eyeglass Holder

In a kitchen in Claremont, California, the wall-mounted version of the Nose Eyeglass Holder does double-duty as a sunglass holder and key hook. And fits in nicely with a wall of New Yorker covers.

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Octopus Imagery in Tattoos

From Captain Cook to the Navy

Tattoos have been around forever and in every culture, but we have Captain Cook to thank for sailing the ocean blue, the Pacific specifically, in the 1700’s and bringing tattoo tales back to our shores. Whalers and sailors took to tattooing naturally, and not just to do something on those long voyages. Tattoos frequently had meanings, telling of mutinies, miles logged or the name of the girl you left behind. And in the event a sailor ended up in an untimely meeting with Davy Jones’ locker, his tattoos could serve as positive identification, like a modern-day driver’s license.

Sailor Jerry Traditional Anchormom_heart_tattoo_etsy2

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