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The Cultured Octopus

Our fascination for the eight-tentacled wonder called the octopus never ceases. Here is a brief list of cultural and commercial references to the marvelous cephalapod, proving you don’t have to be an island nation like Japan to be fascinated by tentacled creatures.

High-End Brand: Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Tentacles store window
In 2012, Louis Vuitton collaborated with pop artist Yayoi Kusama, who is magnificently dot-obsessed, to creates storefronts and interiors that were aburst with abstract tentacles.

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Albino Tentacle is Born

If traditional taxidermy asserts Man’s dominance over Nature, the ArtAkimbo wall tentacle perhaps suggests the reverse: Nature’s dominance over Man – and Woman.

Imagine your daily routine interrupted by a visitor from the Outside.
Just flippin’ some pancakes and BAM – ohmygod – there’s a squid limb wigglin’ round your kitchen, anxious to help you flip.

Hang a tentacle and ferociously alter the feng-shui of any domestic space.
They’re the ultimate household pet – what’s a new puppy compared to 1/8th of a giant octopus?
Charm guests with the implied sea monster on the other side of your dining room wall.

Perfect for seafood restaurants, movie theaters and submarines.
Also your bathroom.

This new white fella is playful and lonely.
He’s looking for a family or a friend or a…