Customer Photos!

Where do the Tentacles go, ArtAkimbo wonders, when they leave their first home, the ArtAkimbo studio? And whose glasses are perched on the Nose Eyeglass Holder? Luckily, customers send photos from time to time to answer these midnight wonderings. Some recent installations:

New Yorkers in California

Kitchen Wall with Nose Mustache Eyeglass Holder

In a kitchen in Claremont, California, the wall-mounted version of the Nose Eyeglass Holder does double-duty as a sunglass holder and key hook. And fits in nicely with a wall of New Yorker covers.

NYU Dorm Room Book-Middle

Dorm room bookshelf

The pink-mustachioed eyeglass holder keeps Homer and Jane Austen in line. In Manhattan.

On the Sea


In Fairfield, Connecticut, a small tentacle adorns – or threatens – from the corner of a boat.

Shop Display

Shop Display

Hong Kong boutique displays its wares with the help of a blond mustachioed Nose Eyeglass Holder.