Tentacle + Home = Great Decor

Nothing says great decor like a an octopus Wall Tentacle. Wondering how an ArtAkimbo tentacle would fit in with your home decor? Where to put it for maximum stupefaction? Here are some customer photos showing just how clever and imaginative tentacle owners are.

The rusty tentacle installed ON a house in the Pacific Northwest. Made of real rust — not faux rust — this version of the tentacle can withstand the forces of nature. I love how it seems to emerge out of the blackness of night.

Rusty Wall Tentacle on House

Two tentacles (a large and a small) provide the perfect accompaniment to one customer’s amazing aquarium assemblage.

Tentacles and aquariums

The great thing about the tentacle is you can hang it so the suckers face up, down or sideways. It looks good at any crazy angle you choose.

ArtAkimbo small wall tentacle

The tentacle can fit in in any available corner. Since it is, by its very design, busting through from the unknown oceanic depths on the other side of the wall, the tentacle goes with a wide range of decor: eclectic, nautical/beachy, steampunk, bookish and more.

Two Tentacles in Situ

Here’s a great juxtaposition of tentacle (simply placed on a table) with a Weird Science book collection.

Tentacle tableau

To buy these amazing suckers, check my Where to Buy page or see all tentacles for sale at my Etsy shop.