How Do You Hang a Tentacle?

ArtAkimbo Large Tentacle
It’s easy peasy to hang the ArtAkimbo wall tentacle.

Let me count the ways.  There are two ways, depending on whether you have the smaller 9″ ArtAkimbo tentacle or the longer 24″ feller. We ship both instructions AND hardware with the tentacle to make life easy for all our tentacle fans. In case you’ve  lost the piece of paper, we’re copying the instructions below.   And rest assured: it’s a fairly simple procedure, made easier because you don’t have to run out to the hardware store. You will have to rummage through your tool drawers and find a screwdriver (and possibly a hammer for the smaller tentacle).

Small Tentacle Installation

pink tool set
If I had a hammer…

We provide a small package of hardware that allows you to install the small 9″ tentacle into any type of wall. You can either

  • Drive the longer #6 screw directly into a stud in the wall. – OR –
  • Use the plastic anchor & shorter #6 screw to install in drywall (plasterboard). Tap plastic anchor into wall with a hammer until threads begin to engage, then screw flush to wall. Then insert shorter screw into the anchor.

In either case, the head of the mounting screw is left proud of the wall by about 1/8” (4mm) or so.

Place the keyhole on the back of the tentacle over the screw head and slide down. If the fit is less than optimum, tighten or loosen the screw as need be.

Large Tentacle Installation

Use the screw that comes with the large wall tentacle, making sure to put the screw into a solid substrate (either wood molding or a stud in the wall).

Leave the head of the screw sticking out about ¼” or so. The hanger on the back of the tentacle slips over the screw. To get the porthole flush to the wall, you may have to adjust the screw once or twice.