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Archie McPhee BlogArchie McPhee’s Endless Geyser of Awesome
Further DispatchesSomething You Want – 30 Day Drawing Challenge
Web UrbanistDive! Dive! Dive! 16 Incredible Submarine-themed Rooms

Esty Finds Curated List
pony chops
Join Brooklyn
So Eclectic

David J Rodger
The Martha Stewart ShowThe Etsy Show, May 2012
The Etsy Blog
Make:A Peek Inside Etsy HQ
When Geeks WedCthulhus in Love
An Art School DropoutIf I Had Unlimited Funds
Decoholic Interior Design
Moments of Wonder with Dr. Monocle
Decorous Domous
Lens of a Nearsighted Eye
Handmade Romance
Geek Crafts
Material & Wood
Rebeccca Likes Online Shopping
The Huntress
Kitty and Buck
Sea Rewynd Make
TotusMel’s Wunderkammer: Tentacles
Grains of Earth
The Unreal BrideWhere’d I put my keys? On my moustache!!
Muck Rack
Moms Basement
Today in Tentacles – Tumblr
Meghan Did ItBest of Etsy – Crafting Indie Art
Modern Handmade Child
These, I want themTentacletastic!
Movements and Nonsense
Locomotions & Lollygagging
Fugitive Prose
Felino Felice
Handlebar Moustache Life
A Day in the Life
Clever Blog
Bay Leaf and Beijinhosthings i love right now
Buy Me Love
nicola black design – Nicola Black Design
order & chaos – Order & Chaos
The Original Lulu BeanWrap Yourself in Tentacles
The Red Speech Balloon
Lil Bones
The Steampunk Review
Freshwater Designs
Lookmatic blog
Junk Culture
Release Me Creations
Sea Shells by Sea Shore
I Only Like Monsters
Displacing Space
Design SensibilityObsessions: Faux Taxidermy
The Blue Eyed Owlgift guide: bookworm
Technabob.comBecause Mounting a Whole Octopus Would be Too Ridiculous
Outside the LineOlder Mentions

Super Punch
JazJazWall Tentacle Sculpture Provokes Fear, Admiration
Lost at E Minor
Everything Octopus
Your First Sale
Crafty Crafty
Weird Stuff I LikeOctopus-Inspired Home Decor
Linz Loves You
Fresh Quince Interiors
Loopy RocketTentacalicious Home Décor
Scatter Pig
Handlebar Moustache Life
Crafty Dream
Que Interesante
Sonja Sweterlitsch
Shadow Manor
Nine Cool Things

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