Around the World Noses Tour

nose_150pxSo many noses, so little time. With summer soon upon us, ArtAkimbo has sniffed out some of the top nose-worthy attractions to consider when making your travel plans, starting with: The Seven Noses of Soho.






The Seven Noses of Soho

7 Noses of Soho LondonIn London, a tour of the 7 Noses of Soho would be in order. Artist Rick Buckley originally attached noses to over 30 landmarks around London in protest at the rise of CCTV cameras and public surveillance. You can read more about it in the UK Standard. Also listed on Forbes London’s Best 10 Secret Sights.

Nose: A Boutique & MatchMaking Service

In Paris, consider visiting Nose, a new store that claims to have a nose for matching you up with the perfect parfume. You can start the matchmaking online, via their Nose Diagnosis wizard. Make scents? Check out their tres charmant video introduction.

Queen of Noses


Nefertiti’s nose would make a very fine model for the ArtAkimbo nose eyeglass stand, don’t you agree? A trip to the Neues Museum in Berlin would be in order to confirm. Of course, ArtAkimbo thinks one of the greatest noses of all time has gone missing: that would be the Sphinx’s proboscis. But many more magnificent nose specimens from Ancient Egypt will be available at the gigantic Grand Egyptian Museum when it opens in 2015.

Source: Image by Philip Pikart under Creative Commons Share-Alike Attribution.

Michelangelo’s Nose

Micelangelo David

Of the many fine Roman noses in Italy, it’s worth taking a closer look at Michelangelo’s David. Apparently not everyone thought it was a well-crafted nose. ArtAkimbo says, hey, everyone’s a critic – and always has been. And it appears that the nose wasn’t the only organ under scrutiny.

Botero’s Noses

Botero Mona Lisa

ArtAkimbo loves the Colombian artist Botero. Oddly, while Botero tends to favor oversized, voluptuous human forms, he does the opposite when it comes to the nose, as shown here in Botero’s Mona Lisa. Nonetheless, if you happen to be in Medellin, I would make a beeline to the Botero Museum.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Noses

Einstein TMNT

Speaking of Michelangelo, he was also one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle quartet. The TMNT Nose Project adds a little Turtle Ninja love to a lot of famous noses. A fun armchair trip, in case your budget doesn’t afford the Noses-Around-the-World tour.