Where Do You Hang a Wall Tentacle?

We think any home decor can be livened up by a wall tentacle. Perhaps you do too, but can’t quite visualize it: behind the lace curtains? In the kitchen cupboard? Above the mantel? To help you envision where a tentacle might perch in your home, we’ve got more great customer pics of the tentacle in situ (thanks, customers!).

Small wall tentacle

Use juxtaposition, an essential element of home decor, and anchor the tentacle near a curtain rod, mantle or bookcase.

Small tentacle on the wall

The orange tentacle fits in with reds, oranges and greens (any color really!).


The teal tentacle fits in with blue and green decor to tantalizing effect.

Note: When you hang your tentacle, you can orient it any old way you want.

You can even plant a tentacle on a window sill. Love the angle in this customer’s photo!