Home of the original Wall Tentacle and Mustache-Nose Eyeglass Stand.

ArtAkimbo Wall Tentacle and Mustache-Nose Eyeglass Stand

Hand-crafted in the USA, ArtAkimbo’s unique line of art objects make the perfect gift. Find them in fine retail boutiques around the world. They’re also sold online right here.

Puttin’ the eek in unique since 2009.

ArtAkimbo Nose Eyeglass StandsNose Eyeglass Stands

Never lose your specs again. Eyeglass display stands are designed to show off and protect your sunglasses, reading glasses or everyday frames until you need them. Featuring a variety of snouts, puckers and mustaches, they work as a sculptural objet when not in use. Priced at $35-45.

ArtAkimbo Orange TentaclesTentacles for Everyone

Antlers are so yesteryear. Whether you’re decorating your submarine or seaside cottage, we’ve got a tentacle for you. Is your kid going to grow up to save the squids? Re-reading Jules Verne?


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