Wall Tentacles Featured in Submarine Decor #tbt November 05 2019

Throwback to this great article on decor for anyone who loved 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (the movie or the book). Our wall tentacle makes an appearance in a retro rendition of itself, no less ;)

The Cultured Octopus November 04 2019

Our fascination for the eight-tentacled wonder called the octopus never ceases. Here is a brief list of cultural and commercial references to the marvelous cephalapod, proving you don't have to be an island nation like Japan to be fascinated by tentacled creatures...

Octopus Attack! No, Just a Secret Santa. January 31 2018

A quick note on the blog: my so-called-blog was languishing as a separate site. I am now moving it over and will be updating more frequently.

This past Christmas, someone sent a tentacle as a Secret Santa gift to someone in Finland. They recorded the process of opening and unveiling the present. If you'd like to see how your ArtAkimo tentacle arrives in the mail, check it out on RedditGifts.

I particularly like the peek-a-boo photo of the tentacle emerging from the oceanic folds of bubble wrap.

Octopus Tentacle in buble wrap

Rest assured if you order a tentacle, it will be very well cushioned for its journey to you!


Poetry Book Cover November 13 2013

When my good friend, Norah Pollard, published her fourth book of poetry, In Deep, I was flattered that she chose one of my mermaid prints for the cover.

Jellyfish Mermaid Poetry Book Cover In Deep by Norah Pollard

This is one of a series of digital prints I created and dubbed Mermaid Variations, which I used to sell in my Etsy shop...perhaps I will again, someday.