Favorite Snippets from Satisfied Buyers

       "Holy crap it is even cooler in person. I am so nerding over this."

 "Fantastic thing!...It's lovely. I'm absolutely smitten. Absolutely brilliant. It's art. It's useful. This just cracks me up! More awesome than described. Everyone that sees it loves it. Best purchase of my life."

           "Well made, fast delivery, and well packaged."

 "Ridiculously awesome!!! Perfect first piece of personal art for my own home. Very cool and functional too! Super fun quirky one of a kind gift! This is so awesome."

          "Top quality materials and craftsmanship."  

On the Subject of Wall Tentacles

 "What an amazing, well-made tentacle! This has now replaced my husband as the man of my dreams."

 "Absolutely the best! A very impressive piece and a must have for any Kaiju, Octopi, or Sea Enthusiasts. ...Don't hesitate - get yours!"

 "Simply wonderful - this looks even better when you hold it in your hands. It is a pure piece of art that everyone should have.... I love it :)"

"This tentacle is. just. awesome. Really refined artistry and craftsmanship, sturdily built, safely packaged, couldn't be happier with it. Looks fantastic next to my deep sea diver mask." 

"This tentacle is so freakin' gorgeous I cannot say enough about it - the artistry and workmanship are beyond superb, and I was also impressed that it came with hanging hardware and clear instructions on how to mount it on different kinds of wall surfaces. I am a very VERY happy customer, and will definitely rely on ArtAkimbo for all my future 3D tentacle art needs!" 

"A conversation starter.!!!!Totally awesome to behold such a unique piece. So happy to find something dedicated to my fave Sea Creature!!!!" 

"I have a giant octopus tentacle bursting out of a porthole above my refrigerator. What more do I really need in life? This is such a brilliant piece of art and I am thrilled to have it. Cheers to Dave, creator of all things great." 


"My wall Tentacle is a masterpiece of realism and serendipity. Visitors stop, stare and comment, most often in a torrent of "cools" and grateful appreciations for puncturing/expanding their horizons...Viva Wall Tentacle!" 

"Wow! We are going to need a lot more of these! It's about to get all Jules Verne up in here!!!! Thank you! And a million thanks for shipping it out so quickly. My husband is going to love this Christmas present. Cheers!" 

"My glorious wall tentacle arrived securely packaged and shipping time to New Zealand was only 5 days. It's very well made and will look fabulous when I finally figure out where to hang it. (If you buy this one though, there's a real danger you'll discover that you absolutely must have the big one too)!" 

Regarding Eyeglass Stands

 "This nose statue glasses stand from ArtAkimbo never ceases to make me smile. Beautifully done, quickly shipped, and incredibly handy I couldn't be happier!" 

"LOOOOOOOOOOVE this eye glass stand! Just got it in the mail today and I know my boyfriend will love it too! I do not want to wait until Christmas to give it to him." 

"This piece puts the "fun" in functional! It was the perfect gift for my dad who has a healthy sense of humor and appreciation for the truly unique. It makes him smile to be able to find his glasses that are literally sitting on top of his nose!!" 

"I got your nose! Wah waaaaah. It's a delightful holder of glasses, and as a bonus, I now know what I would look like if I were a guy and capable of growing that fantastic of a mustache." 

"I love my nose! It's well crafted and the color it great. I love that I have somewhere to put my glasses at night now, and it actually saves me some space on my tiny nightstand. And when I'm not using it to hold my glasses, it's an awesome piece of art! What's not to love about that! I love mine so much, I want everyone to have one! (I also have to show it to people when they come over. heh)" 

"I bought this for my boyfriend because he is in a constant state of either looking for keys or looking for glasses. since i gave it to him last week, he has not stopped talking about it. maybe this was a mistake? jk. it shipped to me lickety split, and is suuuuper super cool to see in person."