Portrait of the Artist as a Framed Silicone Rubber Wall-Mouth

$ 40.00

U want 2 look cool - but it seems that smoking is not a particularly healthy habit? Let your wall do the smoking for you! If you are worried about the wellness of your wall, the lips will be happy to hold other small objects.  They are flexible, removable, readily accept lipstick, and into body mods and kissing. 


Soft & fleshy silicone rubber lips cast from an original carving and mounted in a hard urethane frame from an original wood turning. With the lips removed, the frame is mounted to the wall a with a single screw. The lips are held in place by a friction fit. 4" diameter (10 cm), 1 1/2" deep (4 cm). Frame available in either pink or blue. 

Cigarette, pencil and flower not included.

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