Octopus Eyes Porthole Sculpture (Large)

$ 160.00

A sculpture of octopus eyes peering through a rusted porthole.
Lovely, glossy, glass-eyed cephalopod 3-D pal watching over you.

A wonderful companion piece for our Octopus Tentacle Porthole Sculpture: https://artakimbo.com/products/orange-tentacle-wall-decor

Can also be made to match the teal and pink versions of said tentacle.
Or whatever color you might desire.

Cast in durable urethane resin, painted, glossed and glorious, with a urethane porthole, iron coated, rusted, and sealed to keep the rust tidy.

Easy to hang with a single screw (supplied)

The porthole is a bit over 9" in diameter ( 23.5cm)

The eyes extend about 3" from the wall (7.5 cm)

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